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16/04/2017 · MPG is good, power is good, just has this damn vibration/shudder. I can't believe this is how these 6.4 hemi trucks drive. Quite frustrating and unpleasant to drive. Dealer has opened a star case, still no fix yet. Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions to. 07/05/2019 · Just bought a power wagon 2 weeks ago and the CEL is on. It’s throwing codes P3402, 3426, 3442, 3450. The truck has 1100 miles on it and I’m currently on vacation. The truck drives fine and seems ok. I put new gas in it and some Lucas fuel cleaner in it. Have you guys had any experience with. 13/12/2019 · The 392 Hemi 6.4 liter will not have MDS four cylinder mode when paired with a manual transmission. A new, expensive but sturdy eight-speed automatic transmission will eventually go along with the 6.4 Hemi, along with the V6 and standard Hemi. The 6.4-liter HEMI® V-8 engine maximizes low- and high-end power while remaining focused on durability and efficiency through cylinder deactivation – a unique combination resulting from a dedication to design, engineering and repeated testing.

24/05/2018 · The soft spot in a hemi is the cam/lifters. Some say it's bad parts, bad choice of oil, lack of maintenance, MDS lifters, and probably other things too. I don't know that there is a diffenity answer as there are many high mileage Hemi's with no issues at all and it's not only the MDS. RECOMMEND - Please Include a Full Set of Hellcat Lifters and MDS Plugs With My Order, Add $499.99: Please send Basic kit with only 8 lifters and 4 guides, Add $246.95: Please Include 4 HEMI MDS Solenoid Plugs, Add $60.00.

16/11/2016 · 6.4 Hemi if you're still convinced it was turned off, an easy but expensive way to tell would be to remove your muffler and put an after market can on, like the mufflex. you can definitely hear the MDS fart noises more distinctly. 05/04/2018 · 6.4 MDS annoying? Discussion in 'Heavy Duty' started by Alexpaul09, Mar 23, 2018. Page 2 of 5 < Prev 1 2 3. 6.4 hemi. How are you guys shutting it off besides going into manual mode. I'm going to put a HEMIFEVER custom tune on soon and I believe I can have the MDS shut off.

MDS is a "multi-displacement system" that deactivates a cylinder bank on the Chrysler's Hemi V8 engine to operate in four-cylinder mode for greater fuel efficiency. This system is used in a variety of models including the Dodge Ram, Charger and Chrysler 300. Although the system saves fuel, it creates.</plaintext> 20/07/2015 · hello newbie to the site first post. anyone else have issues with the 6.4 hemi? we just bought our first ram the 1st of this month love the truck the ride the comfort and cab quietness. hate towing with it took a camping trip to Moab this last weekend. pulling a 34 foot bumper pull camper weighing around 7500lbs could only get 6mpg very poor. 21/08/2014 · I didn't like the MDS one bit on my 1500. I never used it, got better mpgs. I hope the new 6.4 doesn't have it. I would hope that even though the bigger 6.4 puts out more horses and torque, that it will be as good if not better. Reason being is the Power Wagons are heavy trucks. 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