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10 post iui, consigli

Dolori post iui Ciao sono Mara ed anch'io a prescindere dai primi giorni di dolori post iui sono poi passati del tutto vs il 7 giorno. La iui fatta di venerdì, dolori fino al giovedì successivo e poi nulla. La domenica dopo aver pulito il bagno forte fitta interna e dolori a dx dove avevo ovulato. chi ha già fatto la iui potrebbe dirmi come è andata dopo l'iniezione per stimolare l'ovulazione? a me la prima iui è andata male ed ho una dubbio che mi è venuto gia dal giorno prima di fare la iui. la questione è questa: al centro mi dissero di fare l'iniezione di gonasi alle 20,30 di martedì, l'inseminazione l'ho fatta giovedì mattina.

24/11/2019 · Gentile Dottoressa, la disturbo per chiedere gentilmente una informazione: al momento della mia prima IUI avvenuta due giorni fa, dall’eco si è visto che ancora non avevo ovulato gonasi 36 ore prima e stimolazione per 9 giorni con gonal f. La ginecologa, ad inseminazione avvenuta, mi ha prescritto il progeffik, da prendere a. Ciao a tutte, premetto che sono una nuova iscritta, e dunque saluto tutte voi! Mi descrivo brevemente sono già mamma di una splendita bambina di 31 mesi, che stanotte mi tiene ancora sveglia, nata dopo due tenativi di IUI falliti, poi concepita naturalmente durante la pausa natalizia del centro di PMA, ora siamo alla ricerca del secondo.

Im due to start my next medicated cycled with clomid and trigger shot soon. I was wondering if anyone has experience with IUI and timed intercourse? Im wondering if I should just go straight to IUI. My first TI cycle resulted in a BFN. My insurance doesn't cover any fertility treatment. The out of pocket cost for TI is $1000 vs $1300 for IUI. Why does timing matter If you are undergoing IUI treatments, the timing of the IUI procedure is very important. IUI entails taking the sperm and implanting it directly into the woman’s uterus so that she will have a better chance of becoming pregnant. Claim Your. I am going to be taking clomid with an HCG trigger shot and IUI. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any success stories of getting pregnant the first time or statistics of having multiples with this method.

Hi, we did a round of IUI after 5 days and a trigger shot. IUI was on CD16 and I’m now 16 days past IUI and no AF. 11/07/2015 · I'm 42 yrs old, 2 grown teens from late husband. I am re-married and new DH and I have been TTC for 2 yrs. We finally conceeded to fertility treatments. I finished my 3rd month of Clomid 100/day days 3-7 had 2 large follicles and trigger shot, did out 1st IUI 2.

Timed IntercourseClomid&Trigger VS IUI? — The.

I did fermara, trigger shot, IUI and progesterone in February my first time and it didn't work but we had a low sperm count after unfreezing last month we decided to do everything the same except IUI and natural instead I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant! DH's count was 3.9mil but my clinic has a very fancy washing technique so those 3.9mil are perfect motile swimmers. I'm trying not to stress about it too much. The doc sounded optimistic. I'll now take progesterone suppositories twice a day. I've been testing out the trigger and today is 11 days post trigger and there is still a very faint line.

IUI should occur at or around the time of ovulation, and being a little early is better than being too late. The timing of IUI can be determined using ultrasound, blood or urine luteinizing hormone LH testing, and hCG trigger. 04/12/2019 · Clomid cd 5-9 Ultra sound on cd12 Hcg trigger shot at 11pm on cd12 IUI at 11am on cd14 36 hours between shot and IUI Hope this helps. If you have any questions. triggers ovulation so that the follicles will release. Talk to your dr about the timing and your concerns. I'd also post a message in the pregnancy forum on. Io l'ho preso anche con i TM, anche solo quando becco l'ovulazione come ho fatto il mese che sono rimasta incinta. Cioè al centro mi hanno detto dopo 14 gg fai un test di gravidanza.puntualmente al 14 gg post IUI iniziava lo spotting. 29/08/2011 · Cos'è e come funziona la Inseminazione Intrauterina IUI$1.Dr. Francesco Pastorella Direttore del Centro di Medicina della Procreazione 01 di Mestre.

My treatment is Clomid, trigger and IUI, no metformin. We always do an ultrasound on day 12 and my follicles are always good size. I trigger that night and have the IUI on day 14. I always have a risk of triplets or quads according to my follicles sizes but have had no luck so far! I'll find out in a week if it worked this time this is IUI 3. IUI in a stimulated cycle. As explained under Hormone treatment, medications are used to address a wide variety of hormonal imbalances. Hormonal stimulation for IUI intrauterine insemination/semen transfer is used if no spontaneous follicle development egg vesicle maturation takes place to form a follicle ready for ovulation a mature egg.

Demetra sono al 8 po oggi. Anche manu ha fatto IUI come me quindi anche lei 8 po contando dal giorno dopo della IUI. sansa tu sei al 7 po? fatta il giorno dopo di me o due giorni dopo? io ho uno strano dolore all’ovaio destro, non continuo ma lo sento quando. Tips for Optimizing Fertility Treatment with Clomid Get a basic infertility work-up. While ovulation is an important part of conception, it isn’t more important than the quality of the male partner’s sperm or the ability for the sperm to access an ovulated egg in the fallopian tubes.

The effect of delaying intrauterine insemination till 48 h after hCG injection on pregnancy rate. Our study showed a statistically significant increase in pregnancy rate up to 22.6% in patients performing IUI 48 h after hCG trigger,. IUI is a simple affordable procedure that. 10/02/2011 · 3rd IUI with Clomid, Trigger shot - Doing Double. Today I am going in for my 3rd IUI and instead of feeling excited, I'm kind of depressed and full of anxiety. I know this isn't good, but how do you control it? Hubby and I got pregnant very easily in October 09 but unfortunately had a.

So after getting that BFP on my 8 day apparently it was the trigger shot still in my system because I tested in d evening an got a bfn and continued testing until 11 days post IUI n got bfn's however I tested on the 12 day post IUI which was yesterday morning n evening on clear blue digital and first response and both were BFP an then sai no. I'm due to start IUI either at the end of this month or the end of June - I'll be on gonal f and then ovitrelle for my trigger shot. Star my doctor is the same and will also abandon the cycle if it looks like more than two mature eggs will be released. It's going to feel like such a letdown if that happens but I see where they're coming from. IUI And Clomid. In intrauterine insemination IUI, or artificial insemination, sperm are placed directly into a woman's uterus in order to facilitate fertilization. In many cases doctors recommend augmenting the IUI process with fertility drugs, whose purpose is to trigger ovulation and thereby increase the chances that a woman will get pregnant. I keep reading on here that IUI should be 36 hours after trigger shot. My Dr does 24 hours, and I am concerned the timing may not be right. I am trying to tell myself to trust my dr, and that she has gotten many people pregnant so must know what she is talking about. I got pregnant on my first IUI. My fertility issues were due to PCOS. I was on metformin 1000mgs, Letrozole 5 mg, 1 vial of Bravelle on cd 12 I think and an hcg trigger shot. I had my IUI about 27 hrs after my trigger shot with intercouse that night. My husbands post sperm wash was 23mil. I got my BFP on cd 17 through my hcg beta. My only.

Progesterone supplements after an intrauterine insemination IUI at a glance. Progesterone supplements are a form of natural progesterone used after an intrauterine insemination IUI to help promote pregnancy. Progesterone is a natural hormone made by the ovaries necessary for the uterus to prepare for and maintain a pregnancy. Progesterone.

09/08/2016 · In this study, intrauterine insemination timing did not affect the cycle outcomes whether the procedure has been performed 24 or 36 h later following ovulation trigger with exogenous hCG utilization. The longer period of treatment cycle during ovulation induction with clomiphene citrate resulted with higher clinical pregnancy rate.
29/07/2013 · We have just done our 3rd cycle of clomidtrigger shot IUI. It is our 6th cycle of Clomid and overall 19th cycle of TTC. We did get pregnant in March with just clomid, but sadly ended in a miscarriage. I am looking for people who have had success with clomidtriggerIUI. Dopo l’ovulazione le cellule dell’ovulo restano fertili solo per circa 12-18 ore. Lo sperma, tuttavia, sopravvive molto più a lungo, con i suoi 3-5 giorni. In generale ciò si traduce in un periodo di circa 6 giorni fertili il giorno dell’ovulazione e i cinque giorni precedenti.

28/01/2008 · Forums > Fertility / Infertility > Starting Clomid w/ IUI and Trigger shot. Aa. A. A. A. This expert forum is not accepting new questions. Please post your question in one of our medical support communities. Starting Clomid w/ IUI and Trigger shot. trigger shot on day 12 I ovulate early - found month prior and IUI on day 13. Ok so I have My IUI 2 weeks ago and I am now 2 days late and thats weird for me but I also took clomid and my period was 2 days shorter then normal weird for me again and I had a trigger shot also.

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